Monday, May 6, 2013

Dems close in on Republicans

ICYMI, Delaware County’s latest voter registration figures show the gap between registered Democrats and Republicans is narrower than ever.

In fact, the gap is the closest it has been in the county’s history.

As of April 29, the county had 384,433 total voters in Delaware County. Of that amount, 170,160 were registered Republicans and 169,423 were registered Democrats, which left 44,850 registered with other parties or without affiliation.

That makes the current gap between the two major political parties 737.

“The trend is clear,” said Delaware County Democratic Party Chairman David Landau. “The Democrats are closing in. We cut the margin in half.”

Landau said there is no indication this trend will change any time soon.

“We’re becoming the majority party and I’m very excited,” he said. 

Delco GOP Chairman Andy Reilly had a different view. 

Reilly said that although he’d like to have more registered Republicans in the county, he doesn’t view the latest voter registration figures as negative. He said compared to the two other interior suburban Philadelphia counties of Bucks and Montgomery counties, Delaware County is the only one in which Republicans still have an edge over Democrats.

Democrats have an 11,000 voter registration advantage over Republicans in Bucks County and Democrats have a 40,000 voter advantage over Republicans in Montgomery County, according to figures from the Pennsylvania Department of State.

Check out the full article here

It's only a matter of time before the Dems are the leading party in Delco. 


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