Friday, March 1, 2013

Dems continue to slam Pileggi's Electoral College bill

Democratic officials continue to slam state Sen. Dominic F. Pileggi's bill to change the way the state allocates its Electoral College votes for U.S. president.
Pileggi, through his communications and policy director Erik Arneson, has indicated that this bill is not a top priority.

Democrats insist that it's still important to remain vigilant of this piece of legislation. After all, the state Senate, state House and governor's mansion are all run by Republicans.

“It could be a low priority, but that doesn’t mean we should be quiet if it’s a low priority,” said state Sen. Vincent Hughes, D-Philadelphia. "What's wrong is wrong."

If it wasn't a top priority, why bother introducing the bill? Aren't there more important things to be focusing on?


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