Friday, February 1, 2013

School officials weigh in on Corbett's booze plan

When Gov. Tom Corbett rolled out his plan to privatize the state’s liquor system, many were caught by surprise when he uttered the word education in the same speech.

Corbett said during a news conference in Pittsburgh Wednesday that the proceeds from privatizing the liquor system, which he estimated to be about $1 billion, would go toward education funding. The Republican governor said the $1 billion would go toward the creation of a Passport for Learning Block Grant and will focus on four areas: School safety; enhanced early education programs; individualized learning; and science, technology, engineering and mathematics courses and programs.

Officials from some Delaware County school districts offered mixed reactions to the governor’s plan Thursday. While many officials said they welcomed more money, they also questioned the plan. They said they were concerned about what would happen to programs and initiatives once the new funds are depleted.

Check out more of their comments here.

I'm actually surprised the governor tied liquor privatization and public school funding together, especially since he knows what happened after the federal stimulus funds dried up. Are we headed toward a similar headache?


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