Monday, September 19, 2011

Protestors gather outside Pileggi's office

A small group of protestors gathered outside of Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi’s Chester office Monday afternoon to express disgust with a plan he proposed last week to change how Pennsylvania awards its electoral votes in presidential elections.

Jeff Garis, the Pennsylvania political director of America Votes, posed as Pileggi and wore a mask with picture of the senator’s face.

“I am Sen. Pileggi,” Garis shouted, while marching in front of the senator’s office. “Rig elections now!”

The group argued that Pileggi should concentrate on job creation instead of changing the electoral vote process.

Pileggi's proposal would replace the “winner take all” system and require presidential candidates to win individual congressional districts.

The senator's spokesman, Erik Arneson, released the following statement after the protest:

“Senator Pileggi believes that spirited, vigorous debate on important issues such as reforming the electoral college is vital. His proposal is intended to more fairly align Pennsylvania’s electoral college votes with the results of the popular vote, which would give voters across the state a more significant say in presidential elections."

What do you think about Pileggi's plan?


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